Shipping Policy

Packaging and Shipping

Our shipping policy is to give the top priority is to ensure that your package arrives on time. The fact that we’ve figured out how to quickly and easily deliver our products is what gives us our power.

NB: No signature required for any of our deliveries for the safety of our customers.

Where Can We Ship?

– We can deliver to any State, City and every county within the US, Canada and Australia, Our shipping is 100% guarantee.*

$35 for Standard Shipping(2-4 days working days)
$50 for Express shipping(1-2 working days for most major cities)  

We offer free express shipping for all order above $900

Types of information we collect

Our top priority is keeping everyone safe. When an order is completed, we securely delete any customer information that is necessary for ssl encrypted processing.

Use of shipping Information

All  orders come  tracking. When an order is shipped, a tracking number is immediately provided. We also send an email to inform you that your package has been processed.

Contact information
Contact our customer support 24/7, on issues concerning your order.


 All orders are sealed with a double vacuum seal and shipped in a stealth package, making them imperceptible to canine (dog) or electronic sniffer technology. Effective and undetectable at all levels, this procedure is highly recommended. – Even the ION scanner cannot detect our products, which are professionally wrapped in an oily plastic with no smell or x-ray penetration. Next, put them into one of the following containers: PlayStation, XBox, etc. boxes, so buyers get the same feeling as if they’ve just received a new game.. –The option of diplomacy is sealed. Customized packages (diplomatic-sealed) can also be sent, which avoid customs checks entirely. Small packages of bud will be sold to avoid crushing. Shipping hash and amber glass in a flat envelope via priority mail is an option for many concentrates.

When you order from us, you can rest assured that your package will arrive in perfect condition after it has passed through the security checks of your country of residence.

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